The Secret to Black and White Photos

There’s something about black and white photography entirely unique in itself that has kept it from becoming obsolete, even amidst the flood of colour in today’s digital world.

In the past, pictures in greyscale were the only option. But now, they are created mostly for the purpose of art and creative thought. While beginning photographers might assume that shooting in black and white is simply a matter of stripping colour off the screen, it is a much more complex process where shadows, hues and lighting all play a role in the delicate balance that make remarkable images.

Most digital cameras today have a built-in feature that allows you to shoot in black and white. However, I would suggest taking pictures in full colour, then later converting them in the post-processing stage with your software of choice. One advantage of this is that you retain the option of publishing your images in colour as well as in black and white. More importantly, photographs taken in colour allow better detail in shades and shadows and therefore give more room for editing and enhancement as opposed to images initially captured in black and white..

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