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The Secret to Black and White Photos

There’s something about black and white photography entirely unique in itself that has kept it from becoming obsolete, even amidst the flood of colour in today’s digital world. In the past, pictures in greyscale were the only option. But now, they are created mostly for the purpose of art and creative thought. While beginning photographers […]

Beginner Tips: The Rule of Thirds

If you’re observant enough, you’ll notice this: good photographs don’t have their subjects smack down in the middle of the shot. If you’re just noticing it now, it’s about time. The Rule of Thirds Imagine two vertical lines and two horizontal lines running through your viewfinder (in fact, most digital cameras and camera phones have […]

How NOT to shoot groups

Avoid straight rows of heads when you’re taking group shots (unless it’s an organisational photograph or a yearbook picture or a candid shot of a church choir). One thing you can do is to have some subjects stand and have some of the others sit in two-level or three-level settings. You don’t want to have the […]

Where to start shooting nature photography

Nature is one of the most common and most obvious subjects for practicing photographers. But where do you start? I have a reasonably huge back garden myself so that was quite easy for me. But sometimes familiarity takes the magic out of any potential subject so it’s no surprise you’d want to go elsewhere to […]

If I don’t have a tripod

If I don't have a tripod

It happens more often than I like to admit: I’m away with family on holiday and need to capture a moment with a good portrait (which, of course, includes me) – and realise I’ve forgotten to bring my tripod. I look for somewhere to place my camera: by the window? on a rock? on a […]

How I hold my camera steady

how i hold my camera steady

It’s one of the most frustrating struggles of the typical photographer: unsteady hands. Sometimes it will cost you a dozen shots, sometimes it will cost you your next masterpiece. Moments are fleeting and seconds are quick and when that picture-perfect scene passes, it’s gone. And you can’t bring it back. So what should you do? […]

Photography Basics in 8 Minutes or Less

Here are some basic camera features every beginning photographer should learn about. It’s always best to know the essentials of the equipment with which you create your art, even if you don’t want to dig deeper into the more technical stuff. Resolution Resolution determines how sharp your image will be, how much you can enlarge […]

Secrets to Black And White Digital Photography

With black and white photography, less is more. The removal of colour from images allows the viewer to see beyond the visual dimension of photographs to the spirit you are trying to capture. The use of photo editing software allows you to adjust hues and shades in black and white images so that you can […]