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The right limitations

"When there are other limitations, I dont let myself be a limitation." - Fer Juaristi

Whether you like it or not, there will always be things that limit your art. Lighting, the weather, angles, perspective, these are just some of the elements photographers have to work around every day. Sometimes you can use these alleged drawbacks to our advantage and sometimes you can’t. Yet whatever limits may surround you, nothing is […]

Awesome to you

"Practice the art of focusing on what’s awesome to you." - Fer Juaristi

Forget what the rest of the world thinks; shoot what captivates your soul. Build your identity one photograph at a time and don’t lose yourself trying to please your audience. Look for what is usually left languishing in the periphery and discover new stories, as these are the ones that will get you out of […]

Develop from negatives

"Allow yourself to be surprised by your mistakes." - Fer Juaristi

The artist who cannot accept anything less than perfect can find no joy in the inevitable frustration that is sure to follow. Life is one messy canvas of darkness and beauty from which we ought to brew a pleasant and mystifying concoction. Mistakes in the process may sound like a step backwards but it is […]