Secrets to Black And White Digital Photography

When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls

With black and white photography, less is more. The removal of colour from images allows the viewer to see beyond the visual dimension of photographs to the spirit you are trying to capture.

The use of photo editing software allows you to adjust hues and shades in black and white images so that you can highlight what needs to be in the foreground and give more focus to your subject. Unlike full-colour photography, pictures in greyscale depend greatly on the subtleties of brightness and contrast to achieve their effect. Before you furnish your black and white digital photographs, you might find it better to convert 8-bit images to 16-bit colours. This helps to preserve image quality.

Here are a few other tips you might like to try:

  • Shoot in colour. Many digital cameras are equipped with a function to capture black and white photographs. However, if you shoot in colour and furnish the image in the post-production phase, you’ll have more control over hues and shades and lighting.
  • Shoot with the lowest ISO possible. This is particularly important when you intend to produce black and white images because ISO generates noise, which you may very well want to avoid. If you want to create a grain effect, that can be easily done using photo editing software – but it’s more difficult to go the other way and remove noise.
  • You can capture better black and white images in low contrast situations. This means that during gloomy afternoons you may want to step outside and take a few shots. These, however, are the days which are not very ideal for full-colour photography because of the poor light. So if tomorrow isn’t a sunny day, shoot some black and white photos.

Black and white photography is an excellent niche to focus on, especially if you intend to create art that aims to stir emotion rather than to astound with visuals. And you can discover more techniques and create your own style as you go along. You might even want to share some of them below..

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