Landscape Photography: Insider Secrets

landscape photography

Great landscape photography sells because people continually search for escapism as well as the things that satisfy our inherent need to dream. As a species we have always been linked to and drawn to the landscape.

Landscape photography depends greatly on lighting. A view of the mountainside in the morning, for instance, is completely different from one at dusk. Treetops are always naturally green and the land, naturally brown, but the effects of light can produce different colours as it bounces off whatever it is that lies on the horizon.

Long walks are an excellent exercise in developing an appreciation for the evolution of the environment throughout different times of the day. During your walk, look for: light (shadows and highlights), shapes (round and angular), colour (harmony and discord), texture (rough and smooth), composition (strong and weak), tones (light and dark), patterns (even and odd) and views that evoke a sense of mystery – for instance, a solitary cottage beyond a thicket of trees.

There is great room for experimentation in landscape photography, for example, when a vast amount of landscape surrounds a clear body of water. A reflected view of the skyline can create poignant and even sad photographs depending on lighting and perspective. Pictures in black and white are also great when you want to evoke nostalgia.

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