Best lighting angles for landscape shots

Here’s a little tip I’d like to share about landscape photography: lighting is everything.

Okay, it’s not exactly everything but it counts for a lot. If you’re like me, you already know how it feels to stand in awe of a view that just takes your breath away and take a snapshot to capture the moment only to have it come out plain and dull, all the magic removed by the lens, the camera, the shutter speed and everything else you can blame.

The secret? Lighting.

To produce dramatic photographs from something as simple as even your phone camera, position yourself so that the light hits the view diagonally from behind you. This is also great for when you’re taking pictures of foliage, flowers, animal fur and anything else that would benefit from an emphasis on texture. Side lighting does wonders with that.

Another thing that I find very useful is the soft light created by a fairly cloudy sky or a light mist. This works at practically any hour of the day.

One last thing, avoid overhead light from the noonday sun – unless you’re trying to make photographs with dark shadows here and there..

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