Beginner Tips: The Rule of Thirds

If you’re observant enough, you’ll notice this: good photographs don’t have their subjects smack down in the middle of the shot. If you’re just noticing it now, it’s about time.

The Rule of Thirds

Imagine two vertical lines and two horizontal lines running through your viewfinder (in fact, most digital cameras and camera phones have this feature built in), sort of the thing you would get when you were getting ready to play noughts and crosses.

Position your subject along these lines or, for better composition, at the intersections. When shooting horizons, for example, avoid the middle section of the frame and align them instead along the top or the bottom line – depending on whether you want more of either the sky or the ground. Similarly, if you have a subject in the foreground, make sure it aligns with either the left or the right vertical lines.

And now you’re ready to shoot much better photographs..

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